April 2017: Checklists in the OR

April 2017 • Volume 10, No. 4 From the Editor Since the World Health Organization developed the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist in 2008, the use of checklists at key points during every surgical procedure has become more and more the norm in health-care settings around the world. Studies since then have continued to prove the effectiveness … Continue reading “April 2017: Checklists in the OR”

February 2017: APRNs in the RN First Assistant Role

February 2017 • Volume 10, No. 2 From the Editor Operating the nation’s largest online training program for RN First Assistants gives NIFA an excellent observation deck for noticing trends in the industry. One trend we see is that more and more APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) students are enrolling in our formal, online program and … Continue reading “February 2017: APRNs in the RN First Assistant Role”

January 2017: Bariatric Surgery Resources for RNFAs

January 2017 • Volume 10, No. 1 From the Editor Although politics have stolen the show this month, dominating conversations from the water cooler to the dinner table to the media, January is still the time of year when many people take a clear, hard look at their own lives and decide to do something about weight … Continue reading “January 2017: Bariatric Surgery Resources for RNFAs”