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Julie Lancaster Welcome to our Gift Issue! It’s the season of giving, and we are delighted to announce that NIFA’s charitable giving in 2012 will focus on a a cause we are passionate about–supporting Dr. Glenn Geelhoed’s missions!

Our student spotlight focuses on Ted Akimoto, RN, BSN, CNOR, from Hawaii.

Our gift box at the bottom of this column is a reminder that ’tis the season to give a gift to yourself as well. If you’ve been thinking about becoming an RNFA, you can still beat the Jan. 1 tuition increase. If you’re already an RNFA, call us about discounts on specialty classes for CEs coming up in 2012.

Finally, our very best holiday wishes to you and your family from all of us here at NIFA. See you in the new year!

Julie Lancaster, Editor
NIFA Sponsors RNFA Volunteers on Missions to Heal

Mom and child


Last month, NIFA instructor Dr. Glenn Geelhoed gave us a call. Dr. Glenn is an expert surgeon and a groundbreaking leader of medical missions to remote corners of the world. He called to ask a favor.

Click here to read the full article about Dr. Geelhoed’s work and the role that NIFA-trained RNFAs will play. This is a MUST-READ; trust us!

Ted AkimotoStudent Spotlight: Ted Akimoto

Name: Ted Akimoto
Credentials: RN, BSN, CNOR
Student Status: Current student, RNFA program
City and State: Honolulu, HI
Current Job: Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, RN staff nurse, Specialty Charge Nurse (Neuro Surgery)

Path to RNFA: A good friend who was a CRNA saw how unhappy I was as a business major and suggested I try the medical profession, specifically nursing. I ended up getting my BSN from the University of Portland. The first hospital I worked at trained us on the job as assistants in Ortho and Open Heart. We attended several classes on sutures/closing and learned everything else on the job.

When I went to work for Kaiser, the PAs did the assisting in Ortho and Open Heart. The hospital had no need for RNFAs.  Now, with the change in management, the PAs will no longer be coming up to surgery to assist. They now spend more time in the clinics, which left a void in the OR.  We are currently using traveling RNFAs until a job description/position is made permanent. Currently, I am the first to go to RNFA school in recent years since the need arose, although there are several nurses on staff who went through the RNFA training years earlier.