February 2018 • Volume 11, No. 2
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It’s Winter Olympics time. That’s the time when some of us snuggle into our comfortable couches to watch breathtaking performances by Olympic athletes risking life and limb on snow and ice.

Although about the same percentage of competing athletes incur injuries in the Winter vs. Summer Olympics, according to this article, the injuries in the Winter Olympics tend to be worse. As journalist Leslie Young puts it, that’s because “winter sports tend to be faster and athletes tend to fly through the air a lot more.”

Consider these news items:

One of the procedures NIFA covers in our SutureStar workshops is ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) of the femur, a common treatment for winter sport fractures. So we’ve chosen bone fractures as our surgical theme for this issue. See below for news, videos and an all-new crossword puzzle on the topic.

Our student in the spotlight is Maricruz Arzeta-Francisco, APRN, from San Antonio, TX.

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Julie Lancaster, Editor


New technology for stimulating bone growth: tiny bubbles and a bit of gene therapy heal major bone fractures in pigs. Read more…

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)—Their Current Uses and Potential Applications. This research paper reviews the application of MSCs to various orthopedic conditions. “The use of MSCs in orthopedics may transition the practice in the field from predominately surgical replacement and reconstruction to bioregeneration and prevention,” reads the abstract. “However,
additional research is necessary to explore the safety and effectiveness of MSC treatment in orthopedics, as well as applications in other medical specialties.” Read more…


Ortho Tube  – Approaches to the Distal Femur
from Orthopaedic Trauma Institute, University of California-San Francisco. Amir Matityahu, MD, Professor, UCSF School of Medicine. Educational video with supporting video examples showing the different approaches to the distal femur: direct lateral, swash buckler, and medial. Watch now...

Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Right Femoral Fracture

Animation showing ORIF of the femur.
Watch now…

Student Spotlight: Maricruz Arzeta Francisco

Credentials:  APRN

Student Status:  San Antonio, TX               

City & State: Waco, TX
Current Position: I currently work as an RN circulator with Methodist Healthcare Systems in San Antonio. Currently hold an APRN license, but wish to finish the NIFA RNFA program before practicing as a family nurse practitioner.

Where did you get your RN and FNP degrees? I got my associate’s degree at South Texas Community College, McAllan, TX. Bachelor’s in nursing from UT Brownsville, TX. Master’s in nursing family nurse practitioner TX A&M, Corpus Christi.

How did you come to choose perioperative nursing? When in high school I wanted to become a surgical tech. However, a nurse said to me, “Become a nurse and you can be both nurse and scrub if you want to.” Best of both worlds.

What is the funniest or scariest moment you’ve ever seen at the table? My scariest moment was when my CABG [coronary artery bypass graft] patient woke up from anesthesia after the sternum had been opened. Another scary moment occurred when the CV surgeon opened a patient’s chest and massaged the heart while waiting for perfusion for an emergency CABG.

What is one technique or RNFA trick you’ve learned from NIFA this week that you will use for life?  One technique was the “love lock.” However, the live class/instructors made every “learned video technique” easier to comprehend and perform. The “trick-o-treat” was my fave.

How do you feel having your RNFA will impact your life/career?  Having the knowledge and skills of a nurse and surgical assistant can definitely help a surgical outcome and patient satisfaction. Improve patient care facility, as I can serve as a good resource.

Bone Fracture Surgery Crossword Puzzle

The Nifa logo, and a link to the crosswordTest your knowledge of bone fracture surgery with this month’s all-new crossword puzzle.

When you’re ready to check your answers, follow this link to see how well you did. Good luck!

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