from the November 2021 RNFa eNews


City & State
Boise, ID

Current Position (Outside NIFA Workshops)
Works in gynecology oncology in a hospital-based clinic

What made you choose nursing in the first place?
It’s probably because I’m the oldest of four sisters and I’ve always been the caretaker for everybody. I just felt natural in that role. I always wanted to be a nurse practitioner, because I wanted a little more autonomy than being an RN. I wanted to be the one actually making the decisions.

How did you come to choose perioperative nursing?
When I became a nurse practitioner my role changed from RN in the clinic to NP first assistant in the OR.

When did you first get involved with NIFA?
I took the SutureStar™ Workshop in 2019 and have been teaching with Dean for two years.

What do you enjoy about teaching the SutureStar™ Workshops?
I love the moment that something clicks for someone, when that light bulb comes on and they get it. I love watching people coming into the workshop with some basic skills and then leaving, feeling confident about their skills.

What is one interest or ability you have outside of surgical skills that might surprise people?
I am a pretty good knitter; just made a nice cardigan sweater. But I also recently went skydiving with my daughter.