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e5651521-0a79-4662-9408-c8f0e9d97393With the site of the Aurora movie shootings located just a few miles from the NIFA office, our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

To read about folks who are doing positive, constructive work in the world, scroll down to learn about the latest batch of NIFA-sponsored volunteers working with Dr. Glenn Geelhoed’s Mission to Heal organization, helping “the world’s bottom billion.” And this month’s Student Spotlight is Anna Davis, ACNP-BC.This issue is also bulging with Liposuction resources–some educational, some amusing. Enjoy.

Julie Lancaster, Editor

 NIFA News

Dr. Geelhoed's team performing a surgery in C.A.R. last month

Dr. Geelhoed’s team performing a surgery in C.A.R. last month

In June, NIFA sponsored another three RNFAs to volunteer with Dr. Glenn Geelhoed’s Mission to Heal, this time to Central African Republic. Working in two remote villages, the team performed 120+ surgeries. See photos at Mission to Heal’s Facebook page.

The NIFA volunteers were:
Bruce Visniski of Muskegon, MI, a NIFA RNFA student with a long military background
Leenta Nels, RNFA, of Victoria, British Columbia, a 2010 NIFA graduate
Claudia Vazquez, RNFA, of Fortuna, CA, a 2010 NIFA graduate. This was Claudia’s second NIFA-sponsored trip with Mission to Heal; click for her story and photos from the January 2012 trip to South Sudan.


 Surgical News: Liposuction  

Did you know Liposuction is the most common cosmetic operation in America and the United Kingdom? More than 400,000 procedures are carried out in the USA each year.

Click here to read about the history, techniques, risks and benefits of Liposuction.

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Perioperative Puzzle:
Liposuction Crossword Puzzle

For this month’s puzzle, we’re trying an onscreen version. Click on the link to open the puzzle, then click on any group of letters to see the clue and type in your answer. If you get stuck, you can click  “Solve” and see the answer for that word.

Please let us know if you like this style of crossword puzzle just as well as the usual PDF version we send, or if you’d like us to go back to sending it the other way. Thanks!

 iPad Apps of the Month

Plastic Surgery Simulator – This is a simple but powerful photo distortion app. You can use it to simulate realistic plastic surgeries, improve your appearance on social networks, or have fun warping people. Available from iTunes.
ECD-SKINand your dermatologist would like you to learn more about the importance of early skin cancer detection and skin self-exams. Please review the 3 steps for early skin cancer detection. Available from iTunes.
Student Spotlight
Name: Anna Davis
Credentials: ACNP-BC
Student Status: Current student, RNFA program
City and State: Tucson, AZ
Current Employer: University of Arizona Medical Center
What made you want to become an RN? I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.
Where did you get your RN training?  I started out with an Associate’s Degree in a community college in Ohio, completed my Bachelor’s 12 years later at the University of Maryland and went on to complete my Master’s at Maryland.
Why did you decide to become an RNFA? I wanted to be in the OR and assist!
Job Front

Click here for the RNFA Job postings we’ve collected for you this month!


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Billing & Reimbursement 

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