New York Becomes 17th State To Require RNFA Reimbursement!


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Effective as of June 8, 2016, the state of New York is the latest of 17 states to enact a bill requiring private payers in the state of New York to reimburse registered nurse first assistants (RNFAs), who are certified to assist with surgical services in the operating room (if the insurance policy otherwise provides reimbursement for surgical first assistant services).

The bill plays a significant role in the lives of RNFAs as well as patient care, as lack of reimbursement makes it more difficult for RNFAs and patients to have the support they need. It is essential for the nursing community and leaders to be involved, aware and educated on the latest legislative trends and practices within the nursing discipline. As apparent in the signing and passing of the bill in New York, the support from nursing leaders and the voice of the nursing community as a whole will help to push the bill to be passed in the remaining 33 states.

New York is now one of 17 states that require reimbursement for RNFAs. The other 16 states include: Colorado, West Virginia, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Oregon,
Louisiana, New Jersey, Maine, Montana, Minnesota and Maryland.

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Who is NIFA
The National Institute of First Assisting (NIFA), headquartered in Denver, CO., was founded in 1995 to raise the bar in first assistant training for non-MD personnel. By 1997, NIFA began to focus on training perioperative nurses in the critical role of the RN First Assistant. Get information on our SutureStar Workshops with up to 30 times more suturing than other offerings.

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