August 2008: CRNFA Eligibility Requirement Changes

From the Editor We’re hearing the word “change” a lot during this election year . . . and some changes are certainly afoot in the perioperative community. Check out what’s different regarding CRNFA certification as of August 1, 2008, below. Julie Lancaster, Editor CRNFA Eligibility Requirement Changes Whether you have completed the RNFA program and … Continue reading “August 2008: CRNFA Eligibility Requirement Changes”

July 2008: Summer Fun

From the Editor It’s summer – kick back! Print out this issue, pour yourself a nice, decaffeinated iced tea (OK, or something stiffer), settle into a cool spot, and learn while you relax with the surgical crossword puzzle below, created by NIFA staff. (Answers are online.) If your idea of relaxing means not even wielding … Continue reading “July 2008: Summer Fun”

June 2008: In the Trenches

From the Editor In this issue we offer you a glimpse into the lives of some people whose diverse work experiences offer a taste of the variety available to RNFAs.With this issue, we introduce the Student/Graduate Spotlight — a quick way to get to know some of your RNFA colleagues. Whether you are a current … Continue reading “June 2008: In the Trenches”

May 2008: How’s Your Team?

From the Editor Our lead story this month is about teams — how the prevailing attitudes among members of a caregiver team can influence patient well-being.And speaking of teams, we’re delighted to welcome Jeremy Gofton, RNFA, our new RNFA program director at the NIFA office 40 hours per week — read on. Julie Lancaster, Editor … Continue reading “May 2008: How’s Your Team?”