January 2009: Cherry-picking Your Next Job

From the Editor The new year is a good time to take a look around you, appreciate the things that are working well, and see if there are some changes you’d like to make. In that spirit, here are tips for approaching a job shift . . . plus medical news and NIFA news. Happy … Continue reading “January 2009: Cherry-picking Your Next Job”

December 2008: Will 2009 Be a Good Year for You?

From the Editor Did you see this morning’s segment on CNN stating that, despite the poor economy, the health care industry is growing?  In the first 11 months of 2008 alone, 348,000 new health care jobs have been created. One reason is the aging baby boomer population. That means more: workers, facilities, and naturally . … Continue reading “December 2008: Will 2009 Be a Good Year for You?”

November 2008: Are You Learning Something New

From the Editor This month NIFA announces an exciting new partnership with AORN that will benefit not just individual OR practitioners but also their administrators and entire teams — read on.And our Spotlight features NIFA’s newest faculty member, Liz Domino, whose commitment to lifelong learning and her own track record of continual improvement are downright … Continue reading “November 2008: Are You Learning Something New”

October 2008: Fires in the OR?

From the Editor Between the election and the economy, there’s a lot vying for everyone’s attention right now. So we’re keeping it short! Nevertheless, we thought you would be interested in reading some recent findings about fires in the operating room – fires that are almost 100% preventable. And this month’s spotlight is on a … Continue reading “October 2008: Fires in the OR?”