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e5651521-0a79-4662-9408-c8f0e9d97393This month NIFA announces an exciting new partnership with AORN that will benefit not just individual OR practitioners but also their administrators and entire teams — read on.And our Spotlight features NIFA’s newest faculty member, Liz Domino, whose commitment to lifelong learning and her own track record of continual improvement are downright inspiring.

Julie Lancaster, Editor
NIFA Announces New Partnership

As of November 1, NIFA is now an official AORN Management Resources Corporate Partner, as you can read in the bright orange mission statement below.

What this means, in a nutshell, is that NIFA will be working directly with operating room administrators and managers to help them target and address the educational needs of OR staff members. While NIFA programs have always offered on-site trainings to OR staff upon demand, this new focus will enable us to reach many more OR administrators and teams than in the past.


As a corporate partner, NIFA reaffirms its commitment to OR education and patient safety.

Faculty Profile: Liz Domino

be754a46-e21c-4da2-82ae-3ce876c1036aLiz Domino, MSN, ARNP-C, CRNFA (NIFA ’98) and NIFA’s newest faculty member, is passionate about advanced education for nurses. AORN members can go to the AORN Journal archives and read her 2005 paper on the topic, “Nurses Are What Nurses Do — Are You Where You Want to Be?”

Liz’s regular job is at Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida in Ft. Myers, FL, where she works closely with one surgeon in a practice of 10 surgeons.

But when NIFA asked this very busy first assistant to go back to school — that is, as an instructor — she said “yes.”

With two master’s degrees under her belt and a strong commitment to lifelong learning, she’s happy to help other nurses expand their skill sets. Click here to read more.

Besides being on the student faculty, Liz will start teaching NIFA courses later this month. Welcome back, Liz!

Photo:  Liz Domino with NIFA’s RNFA Program Director Jeremy Gofton.