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Julie Lancaster Starting this month, we’re scouring the employment ads out there and bringing you a fresh crop of RNFA job opportunities with each issue. Scroll down for this month’s links. Let us know if you like this service. And if you land one of these jobs, we’d love to hear about it!

Read on for the latest NIFA news, a link to an article we found interesting, and our Student in the Spotlight: Erika Martinez of El Paso, TX, who attended the July 2011 SutureStar Summit

Julie Lancaster, Editor
New Offering at NIFA: Da Vinci®

Since its introduction in 1999, Da Vinci ® robotic-assisted surgery is being used in more and more healthcare settings, resulting in a growing demand for RNs who know how to use the equipment.

So we’re extremely excited to announce that we ‘re retooling our SutureStar training to include Da Vinci ® Robotic Training specific to the RNFA role–specifically, hysterectomy, nephrectomy and prostatectomy–for our 2012 SutureStar Summits.

Hello, Dr. Nurse

An October 1 New York Times story by Gardiner Harris explores the phenomenon of nurses who are earning doctorates and the resulting “quiet battle over not only the title ‘doctor,’ but also the money, power and prestige that often comes with it.

“As more nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists claim this honorific, physicians are fighting back,” Harris writes. “For nurses, getting doctorates can help them land a top administrative job at a hospital, improve their standing at a university and win them more respect from colleagues and patients. But so far, the new degrees have not brought higher fees from insurers for seeing patients or greater authority from states to prescribe medicines.”

Harris goes on to describe legislative efforts going on now in various states to restrict the use of the title “doctor” to physicians, and says “the deeper battle is over who gets to treat patients first” and thereby realize greater profits.

Click to read the whole article: When the Nurse Wants to Be Called “Doctor.”

Student Spotlight: Erika Martinez

Erika MartinezName: Erika Martinez
Credentials: RN, BSN

Student Status: Current Student, RNFA program
City and State: El Paso, TX

Current Job: Southwestern Cardiovascular Associates Private RN, Scrub Nurse and future FA!

Path to RNFA:  As a child, I had a sibling who required a lot of medical attention; consequently, we spent a lot of time in hospitals. The nurses who cared for him inspired me to pursue nursing, too. I received my BSN from the University of Texas at El Paso–Go MINERS! The group I work for provides an opportunity to first assist in cardiothoracic / cardiovascular surgery. In addition to first assisting in vascular, pulmonary, or heart surgery, I also have an opportunity to harvest vein and help with wound closure!