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This month’s issue focuses on  Cesarean section delivery.

We’ve gathered some interesting resources on the topic, including an informative teaching video and a crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.

And in our Student Spotlight, we’re  pleased to present Madelaine Castillo, who attended last month’s SutureStar Summit in Denver.



Julie Lancaster, Editor

EW! Surgical Continuing Education Courses from NIFA!

In the market for continuing education? NIFA is now offering surgical continuing education courses! The courses currently available are Cesarean Section, Vessel Harvesting and Carotid Endarterectomy. We’re working on several more to be released before the end of 2012.

All courses are offered online and each one awards 4 continuing education credits, good toward CNOR recertification. The courses include NIFA’s specially designed workbooks that cover pre- through post-operative considerations, including the first assisting role. Click to learn more about the online and hands-on courses.


 Surgical Video: Cesarean Section 

Click here to view an educational video of a Cesarean section delivery conducted at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Merriam, KS.

The video is less than 30 minutes long and contains a running commentary by the doctor performing the procedure–great way to learn.

Learn More about C-Sections

Here are two links offering basic information about Cesarean sections:

Perioperative Puzzle:
Cesarean Section

307Test your knowledge of Cesarean sections with this month’s crossword puzzle. Click here for the puzzle and clues, and a link to the answers.

iPad Apps of the Month

These are general pregnancy apps. If anyone knows of a good app related to C-sections, please email the editor.

iFetal Pro: With just one “tap,” iFetal can calculate more than 30 different categories of information with pictures and audio playback of fetal heartbeats. Available at the Apple Store.

ObstetriCalc: An obstetrical wheel that allows a woman to define her own date or date range (e.g., LMP+3Weeks+2days, or Conception + 20weeks). A special interface dedicated to an easy definition of dates allows for daily and intensive use.

Student Spotlight

Name: Madelaine Castillo
Credentials: BSN,RN,CNOR
Student Status: Current student in NIFA’s RNFA program
City and State:  Hanford, CA
Current Work: Part-time Staff RN, Adventist Medical Center, Hanford, CAPath to RNFA: Growing up with both parents as physicians gave me exposure in the medical field and they were my inspiration to continue that work because I know that nothing is more rewarding than helping sick people in need. I’ve been an RN since 1990; started working in Texas and California.On deciding to become an RNFA: Being an OR Nurse for more than 20 years and having experience with scrubbing, I want to advance my skill while assisting in surgery.

Job Front

Click here for the RNFA Job postings we’ve collected for you this month!


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