The NIFA Nurse In Surgery Essentials, NISE™, program offers many benefits to training employees and a better answer to the OR nursing shortage.

NISE™ Advantage – Certificate of Mastery Program

A Better answer to the O.R. Nursing Shortage

The Association of periOperative Nurses (AORN) reported that as of 2018, the average age of an OR nurse is in their late fifties and approximately 20% of the perioperative nurses would retire within the next five years. It is more important than ever that facilities plan for the growing demand of perioperative nurses and the need to pass the knowledge torch to the novice OR circulator.

The Nurse In Surgery Essentials (NISE™) Advantage Program, is based on the current version of the AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, and sure to be an asset recruiting and retaining perioperative staff as well as making the transition to practice easier for your novice nurses.

NIFA® and the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI®)

NISE™ is an evidence-based online program presented in a structured online format using materials that were developed in a partnership between NIFA® and the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI®) to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge that are the foundation of the perioperative nursing practice. The collaboration with CCI® was planned and purposeful.

Unlike any other program for novice OR circulators, the NISE™ Advantage Program materials are based on the most recent Job Analysis findings for the CNOR® credential, administered by the CCI®. The Job Analysis process allowed for input from a nationwide, representative group of CNORs® and was conducted within the guidelines of professionally sound practice, using a multi-method, scientifically rigorous approach to identify the tasks and knowledge that are important to the competent performance of qualified perioperative nurses. The Job Analysis process alone, guarantees your staff will obtain the most relevant and current knowledge available today.

NISE™ quiz and exam questions were originally developed by the CCI® in 2017, using the same methods for development as the CNOR® certification exam questions. Our intent was to facilitate the career development of the learner leading to testing for CNOR® certification.*

Additionally, NISE™ Competencies were developed by the Education Division of the CCI®. Required competencies validate the learner’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes; all traits that promote safe patient care.

NISE™ Accreditation

NISE™ is the only ABSNC accredited novice nurse in surgery training program in the nation. Accreditation through the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC), validates that the NISE™ Advantage Program is compliant with the highest quality standards for a certificate bearing program. ABSNC accreditation validates the multi-modal assessment measures used throughout the NISE™ Program to determine learner competency. Stakeholders including facilities, learners, and patients will benefit from improved outcomes that are the result of the various assessment measures and learning tools found throughout NISE™.

NISE™ Advantage – Administered by Facility

No one knows the perioperative educator or manager’s job better than the facility administration. The NISE Advantage Program is an online only program that the facility educator/manager administers at a pace to fit the facility’s training needs.

Each license purchased by the facility is valid for a period of 4 years. Within the 4-year duration, the learner has 8 months to complete the program. This allows adequate exposure to topics associated with perioperative nursing and may be utilized to provide the learner exposure to perioperative areas such as the Sterile Processing Department, Preop, and PACU, equipping the learner to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable staff member.


Learners must have an active RN license and be employed in the perioperative setting.

Recent O.R. Testimonial

The NIFA – Nurse in Surgery Essentials (NISE) course has been a tremendous asset to our hospital system and to our ability to train RNs for the operating room. We had a traditional AORN-based program with one educator responsible for all didactic, clinical, assignments, and competency validation as well as education for the remaining 90 perioperative nurses.  Information was consistent but due to scheduling and staffing issues, the timeliness or completeness of the training info was challenging.

The NISE program has streamlined our 6-month training program with very structured learning pathways, the ability of the learners to receive exactly the same information and a variation in learning techniques. Through reading, watching videos, acting out competencies (and recording this for a grade!), reflective journaling and quizzes, the RNs are receiving various stimulating lesson opportunities.  I am able to guide them and assign their concurrent clinical learning based on their progress through each unit. As they progress, we introduce more hands-on clinical experiences.  Our RNs learn to scrub as well as circulate, so we have used all aspects of the units in the NISE program.

The course information is rigorous and complete, preparing the nurses for certification in the future as well as supporting the evidence-based practice we strive to maintain. Kimberly is very responsive and organized.  I am able to access grades and see how far the nurses have progressed within each unit, allowing me to schedule our competency and conversation groups.

I highly recommend the NIFA- NISE perioperative program for single trainees or for groups. I have been able to overlap multiple class groups thanks to the structure of the program and the clarity of the course content.

Dianne Wilkins, MSN RN CNOR RNFA

Surgical Services Educator, Ventura, California

NISE™ does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or military status in any of its admissions, operations, or hiring decisions.

NISE™ is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all staff, participants, clients, and volunteers.

NISE™ will make every reasonable attempt to comply with Federal regulations concerning the administration of assessments for qualified persons who are temporarily or permanently disabled (All policies can be accessed by following the link below).

NISE™ Policies

* CCI® neither sponsors nor endorses training or educational opportunities in specialized practice areas or preparatory program for any of the CCI® examinations. CNOR® is a registered trademark of the Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI®). All rights reserved. CCI® administers the CNOR® exam.

*NIFA is a licensed provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Provider Number CEP11471

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Accredited Training for Novice O.r. Nurses

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Program Overview

NISE™ is an easy to follow, user-friendly online program that will guide the learner from novice to advanced beginner.

Facility Benefits

NISE™ licenses are good for 4 years and learners have up to 8 months to complete this accredited Certificate of Mastery Program.

Trainee Benefits

NISE™ completion is the first step towards earning the new CFPN credential. The Knowledge Based Test for the CFPN credential and the NISE™ tests are written in the same style as the CNOR exam.