The NIFA Nurse In Surgery Essentials, NISE™, program offers many benefits to training employees and a better answer to the OR nursing shortage.

Learning the Role of Perioperative Nursing

NISE™ is an easy to follow, user-friendly online program that will guide the learner from novice to advanced beginner. NISE™ was developed as a unit-based program that provides the tools necessary in learning the role of perioperative nursing.

The learner will have online, didactic assignments as well as hands-on learning experiences. The hands-on learning experiences will be at the facility with the guidance of a facility designated preceptor and facility staff. The learner will be able to incorporate the evidence-based learning into their daily exposure within their facility.

Easy to Navigate Online Program

The NISE™ Advantage Program is structured around 6 units covering 29 topics with a user-friendly interface for ease of navigation. Each learner is required to complete Unit 1. It is then recommended that the learner progress through the program in sequence, though not required.


… I thought the journal questions were good and liked how they tie into being in rooms instead of just “book” questions.

I also thought the competencies were very well done and were a lot more in-depth then I was expecting. It was a pleasant surprise. It’s also easy to follow…”

OPS/OR Supervisor

Erin Reusze, California

Kyle A

I enjoyed this course very much. With this being my first position in the Operating Room this course definitely helped me learn the basics of aseptic techniques and the roles of all the personnel. I also feel like it provided me with the knowledge and skills to safely care for patients. I would absolutely recommend this course for anyone new to the OR.

Meagan P

I loved my instructor Kimberly, she was an instrumental help to my learning. I feel like this course would be very beneficial to someone who has a little more surgical knowledge prior to starting this course.

Janet R

I felt like the program was very well rounded and helped me feel prepared and knowledgeable in the Operating Room.

Sonny S

This course was very beneficial to my learning in the OR as a new graduate nurse. Although overwhelming to study while learning in the OR, this course helped me bridge the gaps between what I saw, heard, and read. I feel more confident in my practices and abilities to care for patients undergoing various procedures.

NISE in the News

See article about how NISE was developed at Institute for Credentialing Excellence or view the pdf version.

NISE Request Program Brochure

Accredited Training for Novice O.r. Nurses

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Program Overview

NISE™ is an easy to follow, user-friendly online program that will guide the learner from novice to advanced beginner.

Facility Benefits

NISE™ licenses are good for 4 years and learners have up to 8 months to complete this accredited Certificate of Mastery Program.

Trainee Benefits

NISE™ completion is the first step towards earning the new CFPN title and NISE™ tests are written in the same test taking style as the CNOR exam.